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A dreamer chases rumours of magic across portals to another world—and into the clutches of a killer… Airwoman by Zara Quentin

Jade Gariq is a dreamer—she longs to join the Traveller Force and visit the far-flung worlds of the Dragonverse. When her father suddenly dies, she inherits his cross-portal trading company, turning her life upside down.

Mourning her father, Jade hears rumours that suggest his death is not what it seems. Her uncle suspects foul play and all clues point to an uncharted, uninhabited world.

Determined to find the truth, Jade may finally get the chance to follow her dream–but will her father’s killer find her first?

Airwoman is the first in a fresh, original young adult fantasy series. If you love page-turning epic adventure, portals into incredible new worlds and a dash of romance, Airwoman is a must-read.

Read Airwoman now and discover whether this dreamer can survive her worst nightmare.


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